Limon is a town in Lincoln County, Colorado. It is known as the "Hub City" of Eastern Colorado as Interstate 70, U.S. Routes 24, 71, 40, and 287 all cross paths here. Five highways intersect here and Limon lies about equidistant from Denver and Colorado Springs.

This town also has deep roots in the railroads. In 1888, Limon got its start as a work camp for the new Chicago and Rock Island Railroad planned to run from Kansas to Colorado Springs. Limon was named after one of the railroad's original construction foreman. The centrally located city grew quickly and today remains true to its nickname, Hub City.

Much of Limon's history is preserved at the Limon Heritage Museum and Railroad Park. Here visitors can learn about traditional farm equipment or wander through a historic train depot, one-room schoolhouse, vintage dining rail car and Native American teepee. From railroads to ranches, the heritage museum memorializes a bygone era on the High Plains.

Downtown was rebuilt after a destructive tornado swept the town in 1990. Present-day Limon features landscaped streets with a library, pharmacy, gift boutiques, antique shops, a city park and an urban fishing pond. A walking path also meanders from downtown to a wetlands area, a popular spot for bird watching. Favorite downtown eateries include a friendly grill that serves up hearty steaks and a hometown café with great homemade food. With over 350 motel rooms, Limon is also a convenient place for an overnight rest stop.

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    The Limon Heritage Museum

    The Limon Heritage Museum Exhibit Building was planned and built by the Museum's original founders and dedicated in 2000. Offering an inspirational view of Limon's heritage and focusing on the Hub City as it grew and changed, the building has been called a "journey through a small town's past" and provides a dramatic look at the life and legends of the plains. This lively building is a rewarding example of community invovement that brought together volunteers representing every aspect of the community to create a home for their heritage.

    The displays in the Exhibit Building present a fascinating chronicle of Limon's development and provide the visitor with a "you are there" sense of Limon's growth depicting a small town's changes. See historic photos and stories of Main Street, the town movers and shakers, Gates Merchantile, the 1930's prairie home, legendary ranches, and innovative wheat farmers. See the popular Changing Exhibits Gallery which has new exhibits professionally displayed. See award-winning photos of the "Shortgrass Prairie", displays of growing wheat, and the area ranches.

    A highly acclaimed "Centennial Display" puts in broad perspective how Limon's Main Street and the Hub City of Colorado developed since Limon's founding in 1909. The museum has five railroad cars. A 1914 rail dining car, an 1890's western saddle boxcar, a Union Pacific snow plow, a Milwaukee combination storage car, and a steel Union Pacific caboose. Also a pioneer one-room schoolhouse, chicken coop, and sheep herder's wagon all surrounded by lovely gardens, a playground, and a picnic area in the Railroad Park. The Limon Museum Complex is truly a Colorado treasure with something for all ages.

    The Limon Depot & Railroad Park

    Don't expect the ordinary at the Limon Heritage Museum & Railroad Park! The Limon Heritage Museum is an unexpected treasure in the heart of Limon's downtown and offers an insightful look at a town's growth and development through the years since its incorporation in 1909. It represents thousands of dedicated volunteer hours every year since a 1990 tornado took most of Limon's history and brought together a passionate group of citizens determined to save what was left of their town's heritage.

    The stately Limon Rock Island Depot was one of the few historic buildings to survive the tornado. Now on both the National and State Registers of Historic Structures, it offers a fascinating glimpse of Limon when the railroad employed more than 300 townspeople. The building has been carefully restored to its 1940's heyday and is highlighted by photos, tools, original equipment, artifacts, and stories of a remarkable past. This is the third depot as the first burned in 1904 and the second in 1910.

  • 1st Inn Gold - 158 E. Main Street, Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-2385
  • KS Motel - 385 Main Street, Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-8777 (719) 760-9533
  • Comfort Inn - 2255 Ninth Street, Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-2752
  • Blessing House Bed & Breakfast - 224 5th St. Hugo CO - (719) 342-3135
  • Craig Ranch Bed and Breakfast & Horse Motel - 50452 County Road 23, Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-2658
  • Econolodge of Limon - 977 Highway 24, Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-2867
  • Holiday Inn Express and Suites - 803 Highway 24, Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-9033
  • Limon Inn - 925 T Ave. Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-0277
  • Limon Inn & Suites - 2505 Sixth Street, Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-0700
  • Limon KOA - 575 Colorado Ave. Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-2151
  • Safari Motel - 637 Main Street, Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-2363
  • Super 8 Motel - 397 Hwy 24, Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-2889
  • Knights Inn - 250 E. Main, Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-8898
  • Limon Motel - 514 Main, Limon, CO 80828 - (719) 775-2233
  • Quality Inns & Suites - 925 T Ave. Limon CO 80828 - (719) 775-0277
  • Tyme Square Inn & Suites - 2505 6th St. Limon CO 80828 - (719) 775-0700

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